“I traded all that in for the Pura Vida Lifestyle”

I traded all that in for the Pura Vida Lifestyle”. How many times have each of us read that statement? With me I traded one paradise for another. Having lived in Muskoka, Canada and selling Real Estate there, I came to Costa Rica for some new adventures. Traveling through most of Costa Rica, those adventures started on week one.

Where do I go?

The beaches of the Pacific Ocean are still my favorite

Born into a trucking family, driving was in my blood, and touring around Costa Rica remains one of my hobbies. Where do I go? That is probably an area that I differ from most people. For me submersing in a variety of Costa Rican cultures, has been both interesting and rewarding. Having taken some time to operate a business in San Jose, to doing what I knew I would do (Real Estate) from my first week in Costa Rica, it has been the people and places that give me the best memories.

You will not find that in a travel brochure.

Spending days and nights in Ticos homes is always a treat. There is always a pot of rice and some beans ready for family and friends. I remember the night I was asked to stand up and take a bow 3 times, just for spending the day in the sugar cane town of Pitahaya. Watching the Oxcart parade in San Jose, buying dynamite, then spending the day digging gold in Las Juntas. Spending the afternoon with a group of Ticos at their friend’s waterfall near Turrialba. The night I stayed at a coffee plantation. What a great family they were. Volunteering to teach English in Coco. Then of course, there’s fishing, walking the beach, monkeys, mud baths, catching a world class ocean view, or everything in between. I could fill this magazine. Oh, and that first week? Traveling through the mountains south of Cartago, I stopped for a coffee. A young couple had just leased the restaurant. A coffee to go turned into an hour of communicating without knowing each other’s language. One of the best hours of my life. A Tico young couple determined to make their new venture a success. WOW! Reminded me of me. You will not find that in a travel brochure.

Costa Rica Ferry

Who Am I?

Theo Veenstra, born in Brampton Ontario, Canada to Dutch immigrants. My first vacation in Costa Rica was February 2008. During one adventure driving a car from Canada to Costa Rica in 2012, I decided to also become an immigrant making Costa Rica home. 2014 was the time to live here full time, later becoming a Costa Rican / Canadian dual citizen.

Real Estate?

Happy Client on her first full day in Costa Rica

How do I look at Real Estate? What is the goal? Strictly investment and business, then the returns need to make sense of course. That said, I was lucky enough to start selling Real Estate in cottage country of Muskoka. That included both full time retires and seasonal families. Having also worked with an older demographic, one thing stood out more than everything else. “LIFE”. Whether buying or selling people wanted help with a piece of their life. I have never forgotten how important that is, And I base myself around helping people accomplish just that.

How? Why?

How? It is quite simple. Everything starts with being in the best environment available. I picked Playas del Coco and the Papagayo area, then joined the best group of realtors I could find. That is the Tres Amigos group. Why? Nothing is more important than surrounding each deal with great professionals. Together they have incredible knowledge, great contacts, operate an exceptional data base. And are most willing to share their knowledge. Along with this area being 20 minutes from Liberia International Airport including its direct flights, accessible medical care, options for schools, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment lets me hand my friends and clients a gift basket in a foreign country. Check the testimonials on my website, www.letsbuycostarica.com and it will hit you. Tres Amigos Realty Group and Papagayo are the right place for me.

What is most important??

People come to paradise for many reasons. Sun, surf, ecosystems, beaches, fishing, birds, adventure, escape from the cold, or to relax. There are a 1000 equally good reasons. Each one valid. A couple things are true, each of us shares something in common, and it can be hard to explain our experiences in Costa Rica to others. For me, what is most important is probably also what keeps me here. I learn so much about this culture and in turn about myself, like riding a bike for the first time. Lastly that stuff they call snow. It looks good from here. Feel free to contact me anytime and start living the Pura Vida Lifestyle.


Costa Rica Updated. Entry Requirements, Real Estate, & Helping the Needy. Nov 21, 2020

Costa Rica Updated, Travel, Real Estate, & Helping the Needy as of November 21, 2020 is a 3 part news letter that includes some great news. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and will have the time to digest this newsletter over the next couple days. Please share with you family and friends. As you know growing this base is a big part of my business. As such I appreciate each new connection made in the hopes of helping them realize the dream of spending time in paradise.

The 3 parts are to this Costa Rica Updated newsletter are: Helping the needy, Updated entry requirements, and a Real Estate update for 2020.

Helping the needy here in and around the Papagayo beaches. Costa Rica Updated

Michael Simons helping the needy

As you know the Covid pandemic took a huge hit on the tourism industry and back in February-March put our beaches out of business. The ripple effect has been huge, and its people like our own Michael Simons, broker/owner of Tres Amigos Realty Group, that have stepped up to win the day. That said they can’t do it alone. They really do need your help via donations either personally, together with family or at work. To that end some great people have come together to raffle holiday packages here in Costa Rica. Here is just one such offer.

Here is your chance to win a trip for 4 to COSTA RICA and you can help FEED PEOPLE at the same time. For just $100 you get a raffle ticket. There are only 100. All the money goes to buy food for the amazing people of Costa Rica who have been struggling for 8 months with the tourism shut down. Even though we are open for business only a small percentage of people will get their jobs back, so we will need to continue to do this for a while. PLEASE open your wallets and your hearts and donate. The winner gets 4 airline tickets to Costa Rica and a week’s stay in a luxurious PACIFICO 3 bedroom condo. You can ZELLE or PAYPAL to michael@tanktopsflipflops.com and MAKE SURE to put CARDELLA CHALLENGE #5 in the description to get you into this draw.

It takes approximately $1000 USD to feed 60 families. 100% of your donation goes to feeding affected families. Many of these people just don’t have other options. Officially, unemployment is running around 23% and we know it’s much higher at the beaches. In return for food, people have been collecting garbage, cleaning entire villages and roadways as exchange for your donations. They are good and humble people with their backs to the wall at this time, Please remember them in your prayers and hearts. No gift is to small or to large.

Real Estate 2020, Costa Rica Updated

We have all heard a common saying when it comes to Real Estate. Location, Location, Location. Over this past year, this has shown itself to be true once again. Sales in the area are happening as the pandemic, elections, and protest riots, are making many people rethink their current lifestyle. In researching Costa Rica, most people will also discover the government here, as in all other countries, is under financial pressure, with a fiscal outlook adding up to 3 or 4 difficult years ahead. As always different areas will feel those effects more than others. Thats where “Location” comes in and where the “Good News” starts.  Because this area was designated as a special tourist area by Costa Rica many years ago, we have received many upgrades in infrastructure, including electrical lines, water, fibre optics, and roads. There’s a few more things to do. There always is. After all, Costa Rica is an emerging country. That said, this area is in great shape. Liberia is growing fast, feeding into our base and we remain the best spot in Costa Rica to live. As a result sales in our part of the country are ok. We had some fire sales due to the pandemic, but we’ve sold most of that inventory and more then ever sellers have decided to take their properties off the market, and stay in Costa Rica.              Here is a peak at some 2020 sales in our immediate area. Costa Rica Updated.

Condos $0 – $500,000; 50+ units not including 6 the owners who decided to keep their condos

Homes/Villas $0 – $800,000; 27+ Homes & Villas sold,  4 owners decided to stay

Villas $800,000 plus; 7+ Villas. Plus 3 Villa owners decided to keep their properties

Lots; Oceanview and non-oceanview 18+ Mainly oceanview

These are sold or currently under contract. Most of the local market is sold by our own Tres Amigos Realty Group, and many properties this year were sold using videos, or live walk through media prior to the new owners arrival.

Here is a small selection of current listings. Please see my website for the expanded assortment of available properties.


Play this video here Pacifico C 107

Oceanview Villa, Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, CR

4 Bedroom 4.5 Bath, Pacifico, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Oceanview Condo with Private beach club

Custom built on large lot, Intown Playas del Coco

 Entry Requirements & Links, Costa Rica Updated,

Costa Rica Passport Entry Stamp/Visa

Tourism is starting to return, abate at a slower pace. That said property sales are alive and well, as many people have decided to make Costa Rica home, either full or part time.

Travelers from pretty much every country can enter Costa Rica with minimal requirements. As far as we know that will not change. But always be cautious when booking flights etc., as flight coverages vary depending on your country of origin and government travel advisories. For now here are simplified requirements for entering Costa Rica.

As a Tourist;

Costa Rica requires you to fill out a health pass prior to coming. The pass is available online and is submitted online. A link to the pass “here”

Costa Rica also requires Covid-19 travel insurance. The minimum requirement included in that insurance is $50,000 USD medical, and $2,000 USD housing. There are exemptions for the housing component, provided you supply proof of a rental contract or ownership of a home.

Remember the insurance coverage must match the number of days you will be in the country, and, you must provide written proof of same. (preferably in Spanish)

No Covid test is required

As a Resident.

Fill out the health pass online prior to coming and submit online A link to the pass “here”

You must provide proof that your Caja payments are up to date. If you are not up to date, Costa Rica provides a remedy for that situation. Please follow the link below for more information

You must have a valid Resident/Dimex card. If it is expired, you will enter as a tourist.

No Covid test is required

As a Citizen

Fill out the health Pass online and submit online. Link “Here”

No Covid test is required

Carrying insurance in Costa Rica. A few thoughts.

We tend to search in our home countries for insurance either for travel, life or special insurance such as needed for Covid-19 coverage. In listening to some  doctors and Phil Eitman of All Insurance Costa Rica, I have gained some insight into the idea, “Not all insurance coverage is equal”. To get to the point, not all private hospitals will accept just any insurer for emergency or scheduled procedures. The simple reason is that in the past they would have to fight for payment from the insurance company. As such they may require payment by credit card for services. Then provide you with the paperwork necessary to be reimbursed. That may be suitable for you in an emergency. Of course many people are covered through a policy from home or work to one degree or another. If you plan on living here full time or for extended periods, some advise and a level of coverage from Phil and the team at All Insurance CR is worthwhile. They have been doing this for years and can answer questions correctly instead of someone’s opinion online, including my own. You can contact All Insurance Costa Rica. “here”

For Covid-19 insurance, Here are 3 Costa Rican links

INS,   Sagicor  & All Insurance Costa Rica

Full Costa Rica travel information is available from The Costa Rican Tourism Board. They will answer any questions you may have. Contact them here

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter ” Costa Rica Updated, November 21, 2020 and contact me anytime. The best compliment I can receive is a referral to your friends.