Costa Rica Entry Requirement Update & Video as of October 10, 2020

Here are the current entry requirements for tourists, residents and citizens traveling or returning to Costa Rica as of October 10th, 2020  including links, countries and relevant information.   

Personal video from Theo Veenstra on traveling to Costa Rica, Lets Buy Costa

*All North Americans are free to enter Costa Rica as of November 1st, 

At this time, No COVID-19 cases correspond to international tourists. The country first opened its borders for international flights on August 1.

The following Countries are authorized to enter Costa Rica;

  • This is the list currently in effect: (Oct 10, 2020)
  •  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wyoming California and Ohio.
      • As of Oct. 15: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Residents of Florida, Georgia and Texas
      • As of Nov 01: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:  All U.S. citizens and residents
      • CANADA: All citizens and residents
      • MEXICO: All citizens and residents
      • THE EUROPEAN UNION SCHENGEN ZONE: All citizens and residents
      • UNITED KINGDOM: All citizens and residents
      • CENTRAL AMERICA AND PANAMA: All citizens and residents. As of Oct. 15. Except Nicaragua
      • SOUTH AMERICA: Citizens and residents of Uruguay
      • THE CARIBBEAN: Citizens and residents of Jamaica
      • ASIA: Citizens and residents of Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and the People’s Republic of China
      • OCEANIA: Citizens and residents of Australia and New Zealand

Requirements for tourists entering Costa Rica

Visitors from the U.S. must reside in one of the authorized states, and must have a driver’s license or State ID corroborating their state of residency.

Tourists from these states — or from an authorized country, such as Canada — can fly through a non-authorized country en route to Costa Rica. The maximum layover time is 18 hours, provided the traveler does not leave the airport.

Tourists wishing to enter Costa Rica via a flight must comply with these requirements:

  • Complete the online “Health Pass” epidemiological form:
  • Show proof of a negative RT-PCR test for the coronavirus. The sample for the test must have been taken no more than 72 hours before departure.
  • Obtain travel insurance. This can be either a pre-approved Costa Rican policy from INS or Sagicor, or an international policy that covers COVID-19 medical expenses of at least $50,000 and $2,000 for lodging.
  • Many other suitable travel insurance coverages exist, including Blue Cross. Private insurance brokers both here in Costa Rica and your ome country are offering alternative policies. Attached is a link to a broker here in Costa Rica.

Tourists coming from anywhere but the United States must have remained in an authorized country for at least 14 days before travel.

U.S. residents must show a driver’s license or State ID indicating they live in the authorized state. This requirement is for anyone traveling prior to Nov 1st, 2020

Click here for a detailed breakdown of requirements and authorized states/countries, as written by the Costa Rica Tourism Board.

Requirements for citizens and residents

Citizens and residents can legally return to Costa Rica via a flight from anywhere.

Here are the entry requirements for citizens of Costa Rica

Here are the entry requirements for residents (permanent, temporary, special categories or estancias):

  • Complete the Health Pass.
  • Present a valid DIMEX card.
  • Have proof of current payment into the Caja OR have travel insurance that covers COVID-19 with a minimum coverage of 22 days. Residents without current Caja payments will be obligated to catch up on payments within those 22 days. Citizens and residents are issued a 14-day quarantine upon their arrival in Costa Rica. However, they are exempted from the isolation order if they come from an approved country/U.S. state and obtained a negative RT-PCR coronavirus test prior to travel.
  • has daily information on traveling to Costa Rica

Here is a link to updated information from the Costa Rican Tourism Board    Click Here

What are the acceptable Covid-19 tests for entry into Costa Rica?

At this time Costa Rica is only accepting the results of one type of test. That test is the RT-PCR test (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing). The results must be within 72 hours of boarding the airplane.   I will up date this information if further test types become acceptable. Please forward any current testing information, locations etc that offer the RT-PCR test and I will update the links. Lets make traveling great again.

Links to USA testing

Links to Canadian Testing centres

I found a couple links in Canada. There seems to be a lot of information depending on the province. Here are a couple links. Check online for your province


Shopper Drug Mart is offering Covid testing at some stores. Go online to find a location near you.

Quebec                        Google or other Quebec. There are many options for information and testing depending on your area



Testing in Europe Varies, with some testing available at the airports

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