Single Story For Sale in Puntarenas, Puntarenas

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Ocean Access / Marina Site / Development

•  7000 sqft , 35 bath , 34 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD2,900,000 . Rare

Rare Waterfront property on the inland section of the Puntarenas Peninsula with direct access to the Gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. With 134 meters of waterfront and just under 1 hectare of level land, this a prime parcel suitable for a hotel resort & marina, maritime university campus, lite commercial, residential, maritime commercial and training center, or a long-term investment. Details are available on request. With enough frontage to accommodate docking for 60- 80 vessels, this property is priced well for a serious investor. Waterfront lands on the inland waterway on the peninsula at the City of Puntarenas rarely become available for purchase. Contact for details.

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Single Story For Sale in Playas Del Coco, Playas Del Coco

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•  1040 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD125,000 .

2 bdrm/2 bath. Coco Oasis # 6 is a 2-bedroom standalone unit with a 2nd bedroom that converts to a built-in garage/storage unit when your away. Located 5 minutes from the beach at Playas del Coco, 10 minutes from Playa Hermosa and 5 minutes from Sardinal. This unit offers air-conditioning, lots of parking and a great pool / BBQ area for friends to enjoy. Only 15 minutes from Liberia International Airport, this small development overs a quieter country feel. With 2 more 2-bedroom condos also to be completed in this development. Check out the options available and let’s get you a place to call home. Inquire now for this lifestyle.

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Single Story For Sale in Playas Del Coco, Playas Del Coco

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Can be a 2 bedroom, 2 bath

•  1030 sqft , 1 bath , 1 bdrm single story FOR SALE  USD95,000 .

1 + 1 Condo/House, Coco Oasis #11 is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath standalone unit with a built-in garage that can also be modeled into a 2nd bedroom, with en-suite. 1030 sq ft of construction offers a lot of flexibility. Located 5 minutes from the beach at Playas del Coco, 10 minutes from Playa Hermosa and 5 minutes from Sardinal. This small development offers a quieter country feel. With 2 more 2-bedroom condos to be completed. This unit offers air-conditioning, lots of parking and a great pool / BBQ area for friends to enjoy. Check out the options available and let’s get you a place to call home. Inquire now for this lifestyle.

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2 Storey For Sale in Playa Ocotal, Ocotal

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•  591 sqft , 1 bath , 1 half bath , 2 bdrm 2 storey FOR SALE  USD69,900 .

2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath loft style condo between Playas del Coco and Ocotal Beach. Located 30 minutes from Liberia International Airport and biking distance from the beaches, this fully furnished getaway makes a good rental or full-time home. Enjoy all the night life El Coco has to offer and the unique beach of Ocotal. Spend your days adventuring throughout Costa Rica in the wonderful province of Guanacaste before heading home for that evening dip in one of the 4 pools. Costa Rica, the place where friends hang out. Call for more details now

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2 Storey For Sale in Puntarenas, Puntarenas

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Ocean Front

•  3000 sqft , 3 bath , 5 bdrm 2 storey FOR SALE  USD350,000 . Incredible Price

Villa Amarillo is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath ocean front home with addition full gardeners quarter attached. Situated at a very interesting location, this house has the character and charm you would expect from a European styled villa. Comprising of approximately 3000 sq ft with large main rooms, we find classic wood doors and windows, along with 2nd story ocean view balcony and exterior covered entertainment deck over the carport. The lot is 440 sq meters and surrounded by a second L shaped lot also available. Everything here is located in proximity of the Monsignor Sanabria Hospital and Universidad Santa Lucía, putting the villa down the block from stores and restaurants. A unique location. Call for more details.

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Costa Rica continues to open, Welcome back to Costa Rica

Starting to hear those familiar words. Welcome to Costa Rica

With the required testing becoming available, Costa Rica has again open it’s doors to more people including some US states. Of course, more will follow ever so shortly.

Right here I will advise you to remember something I have stated before and learned early during my life here in Costa Rica. “In Costa Rica, the government always throws out regulations and statements that are changed within days and weeks” We have seen that time after time, and it can be very confusing.

Why just a few countries and a handful of US states at this time? Lets figure out why. First here is a current list of the countries Costa Rica is excepting flights from:

CURRENT AS OF August 20, 2020

Australia                                                                                            Canada
Swiss Confederation                                                                       Vatican State
Luxembourg                                                                                     Ireland
Japan                                                                                                  New Zealand
Liechtenstein                                                                                    Monaco
Belgium                                                                                              Denmark
Spain                                                                                                   Netherlands
Norway                                                                                               Sweden
Thailand                                                                                             Northern Ireland
Great Britain                                                                                     Theo
Czech Republic                                                                                 Cypriot Republic
Austria                                                                                                Bulgaria
Korea                                                                                                  Croatia
Slovenia                                                                                             Estonia
Finland                                                                                               Hungary
Iceland                                                                                                Latvia
Lithuania                                                                                            Malta
Poland                                                                                                 San Marino
Singapore                                                                                           Slovak Republic
Germany                                                                                            France
Greece                                                                                                 Italy                                Uruguay                                                                                             China                      Portugal                                                                                             Romania

USA (Partial) Residents from the states of;    New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut

This is one of those area’s that gets a little confusing.

Last week, Costa Rica informed the public, residents of other states and countries may also enter provided they can show proof of having quarantined in one of the admissible countries for 14 days prior to flying into Costa Rica. It would be apparent that quarantines in one of the 6 admissible USA states should suffice. However, I will admit I do not know the requirements to prove you were there for that timeframe. Other than a passport stamp upon entry into a certain country.

Costa Rica needed time like everyone else to figure out what this pandemic involved. It’s very easy to just through resources at a problem like this and have much of those same resources go to waste. As we know Costa Rica does a better job all and all then our Central American neighbors, yet they work with much less then you may be accustomed too. As an example, Costa Rica has now increased the number of intermediate-care beds to over 1000 and intensive-care beds to almost 300 for COVID-19 patients in the public health system. That is a major increase from a mere 24 intensive-care beds 5 months ago.

Costa Rica requires a RT-PCR test within 48 hours of boarding a flight for either San Jose or Liberia airports. The required Covid-19 test (RT-PCR Test) is not available everywhere at the moment. The test will become readily available in most parts of the world, as many countries, businesses, etc. have issued requirements asking for the specific test. As to why the 6 US states? We are told that is based on testing being available. Click this link for a short video about the RT-PCR test.

Costa Rica is not asking for much

The other main concern in accepting foreigners, was that Costa Rica has traditionally provided emergency health services to travelers. In looking at the bigger picture, it would help the remember that Costa Rica hosts a very large number of foreign workers. Along with many expats that take advantage of the system by doing border runs to renew the required passport stamps instead of applying for residency. The government became and still is worried the public system will be overwhelmed and as such the new insurance requirements will provide needed relieve in that department. Let’s take a quick moment to look at the requirement.

Costa Rica is not asking for much. The simple insurance requirement asks that a) it is valid throughout the planned visit to Costa Rica. B) Covers medical expenses in cases of COVID-19 in Costa Rica, for at least $50,000 (fifty thousand United States dollars). c) Includes a minimum coverage of $2,000 for expenses of extended lodging due to the pandemic. Insurance companies around the world can and are putting products in place to match these requirements. As a matter fact, most policies cover far more that this already. Two things seem to stand in the way. First are the travel advisories or precaution levels issued by various countries. By default, those advisories can void current policies. Now that those same advisories are being removed, many policies are good again. Secondly is that the policy states Costa Rica and is accepted here. I hope to have some updated information very soon and will send out email to keep people up to speed. Costa Rica itself offers policies through INS and Sagicor or just go to All Insurance CR

History will tell us if Costa Rica handled this pandemic well and I am certainly not going to ask you to take sides. One thing I have noticed from a Real Estate point of view, is that the serious property owners, including new buyers and current sellers are far more focused and patient then the average tourist. That speaks volumes for the type of people Costa Rica is attracting. Why do I mention that? Those same focused, patient people will be your new neighbors.

Yes, there are some deals to be had and they won’t last forever. Now is a great time to act on them. Give me a call today and lets get up to speed on your move to paradise. Remember I’m here to help anytime.

Costa Rica update, (Travel, Purchase, Live) The dream is alive

Ever since the first time I heard of Costa Rica, It became the place of dreams. Why was Costa Rica recommended to me? The same reason I recommend it to you. With everything going on around the world. Costa Rica isn’t just a great place to travel. It’s a great place to purchase and live your dreams in paradise.

At the moment getting here is a bit of an issue. As is most of the rest of the world. But just hang tight, we will work it out. Lets get up to speed. 

Towards the end of March, Costa Rica the place of dreams, imposed travel restrictions on foreigners entering the country basically following the World Health Organizations guidelines. That included many restrictions for the Costa Rican population. Some of the restrictions may have been over the top or not. Truthfully past is past and we need to focus on tomorrow. So where does that leave us in respect to tourism, ownership and living your dreams here in Costa Rica? Lets see where we are presently and then Speak to where I believe things will go in the near future.

As of Aug 2nd, Costa Rica opened it’s borders to almost everyone with considerable hurdles. As stated in the link below, Costa Rica is accepting people from Canada, UK and European Union. Residents of other countries can also fly into Costa Rica through any of the above countries with a condition of having had a 14 day stay in said countries prior to entry. Costa Rica is also requiring a negitive Covid-19 test within 48 hours of take off. The Covid-19 is a PCR-RT test. My understanding is that this test is already available at some European airports. Costa Rica also requires Travel insurance available through INS the Costa Rican state insurance company.  Yes it’s expensive. Next a digital epideiological must also be submitted The link to the form it also attached below. Lastly the only way into Costa Rica is by air. Land borders are closed and will remain so to non-business travel. I do not have information on entering via water ports. But I expect they are being treated the same as land borders.

So why is Costa Rica being so hard entry. It seems the government is under the impression as is most of the rest of the world that restricting entry will slow down the spread of this virus. The main objective here is to not overload the health system here both physically and financially. Many people complain about the closures on the economy and they are not necessarily wrong. But I want to take a moment and explain the financial aspect. Between tourists and seasonal or other workers, Costa Rica can have as many as 700,000 foreigners at any one time during high season. Most of those people do not carry any type of health insurance or contribute to the state system, even though the price of doing so is very economical here in Costa Rica. Imagine the financial burden on a small country of 5,000,000 people in providing free emergency healthcare to all those foreigners.

What is Costa Rica doing to adjust? And where do I see that going in the near future?  

The government here traditionally handles adversary in the same way. Costa Rica puts out laws or requirements and then changes everything later. Yes it’s confusing, but its something you will get used to when your living here. The same will happen with entry/travel requirements. On a good note, the government has on several occasions, graciously extended the time foreigners currently in the country can stay. With visa and drivers license extensions permitted until November 18th. I do believe they will extend the visa again should it be needed. The president has asked the social security ministry to rethink the travel insurance coverage requirements. My understanding is they will allow private insurers with coverage of medical expenses of a minimum of $20,000 and housing coverage of at least $4,000. Those are extremely low minimums and insurance companies will have low cost options. The PCR-RT test has a turn around time of 3-4 hours. In the very near future it will be easily available almost anywhere around the world. If you can have something sent online in a day or two, this test will be available. The health ministry has also increased the number of beds available for Covid-19 patients, so we are not hitting capacity at the moment.

Watch my YouTube and Facebook Channels for updates

   My Opinion is: We are experiencing a very different life at the moment here in Costa Rica, just as other places around the world. We are currently headed into our rainiest part of the year. As such I believe the government is just pushing things a little further down the line. I can’t help but think the easing of restrictions are coming in time for high season and Costa Rica will open up as other countries equally open. I would suggest to keep your travel plans in place. Also this is a great opportunity to buy the home of your dreams here in paradise. Interestingly many deals are being bought up as the dream is alive in Costa Rica. Get in touch with me now. The cold weather is just a couple months away.

Link to the Epidemiological Form

Link to a great article by The Tico Times related to entry requirements