Single Story For Sale in Playas Del Coco, Playas Del Coco

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2 Lots Available

•  single story FOR SALE  USD30,000 . In Nacazcol Resort

Inside Nacazcol Resorts just outside of Playas Del Coco and 25 minutes from Liberia International Airport a lot ideal for a buyer looking to build. 450 square meter (4,843 square ft) lot in the Mediterraneo neighborhood. These lots are already serviced with water and hydro, the possibilities are endless. This property is in a central location that provides you options on what beach destinations to visit for the day. Go left out of this secured neighborhood and you can be in Playas del Coco in 5 mins, Playa Hermosa in 10 minutes and Playa Panama in 15 minutes. Don’t feel like going anywhere? Help yourself to the pools & recreation area. Restaurant and mini grocery store at the front make this a convenient neighborhood. 2nd adjoining lot also available

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Lot / Land For Sale in Sardinal, Sardinal

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Build Inside Nacazcol Resort

•  325 sqm lot / land FOR SALE  USD25,000 . Great Price

Building lot inside the Nacazcol resort in the Mediterraneo development. This piece of Real estate has been building up with a few new homes going in very year. The development offers a nice pool area and the Nacazcol also has a pool, Restaurant, Bar and Store to make things very convenient. Build your house or vacation getaway and use the surrounding beaches. Just on the edge of Playas del Coco, Costa Rica this property is serviced by a paved road, with bus service on the main road and 20 minutes from the airport in Liberia. Other adjoining lot also available, Already registered in a corporation this is a great package.

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Costa Rica Series; Stormy Weather

Why should you take a good close look at our area of Costa Rica and it’s weather?

In part of my Costa Rica Series of blogs and videos, we will answer this question; Weather

 Well there are many reasons to be sure. As our friends and family are getting pummeled  with tornados & hurricanes again and again, Most of us look for answers. Here’s the secret;   THERE ARE NO EASY ANSWERS!! 

Remember the “Ice Storm” of 98″


    How about the “Heat Wave” in Pakistan in 2018?

    And of course “Hurricanes” Katrina, Maria, Everyday we turn on the news only to hear and see of a different natural re-occurring weather pattern affecting our planet. And sometimes you look around to see that it’s happening in your backyard. Scary isn’t it? Some things are the result of global warming, yet most weather patterns naturally reoccur over 100’s of years as part of the cycle of things.

In Costa Rica we get storms also and rain in the rainy season. You will read the news about landslides and blocked roads etc. Now here’s the thing. We can pretty much easily prepare for the worst.

The following is a list of the good and bad when it comes to weather in our area of Costa Rica:

  • No Hurricanes have touched Costa Rican soil in over 150 years. NONE!
  • Basically from December to April it does not rain in the Papagayo (Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Ocatal, Playa Panama, etc) area along the beach.
  • It does rain in other parts of the country during all 12 months, Generally not with frequency in all areas.
  • As in any country, you do have to be aware of and respect high, fast flowing rivers in the wet season, including their banks.
  • It does not freeze anywhere in Costa Rica.  EVER!!!
  • We do get the odd strong earthquake. To be sure everything here is over built with concrete, block and rebar.
  • Yes it can rain hard, But as stated most buildings are concrete and ceramic.
  • There has never been a significant tsunami recorded in Costa Rica
  • Most volcanoes in Costa Rica are dormont. Yet anything active is a long distance from this area.

I’m Theo Veenstra, a full time professional realtor with REMAX Ocean Village in Playas del Coco C.R.   A Canadian and Costa Rican citizen with many years experience in Costa Rica.

Contact me at and start the journey to the                       “Pura Vida Lifestyle”.

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